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Four Places that make up theSpace at theSpace 3rd Edition

Four places that make up theSpace 2017

Attendees are spoilt for choice during theSpace 3rd edition scheduled for this Friday-September 15 at Harare Gardens (behind National Gallery of Zimbabwe).

There are four places to be, Game Changers Bay, Network Bay, Inspiration Bay and Exhibition Bay. Here is a teaser of what to expect on the bays.

Game Changers Bay

Participant raising issues in one of the conversations

Participant raising issues in one of the conversations

This Bay really houses high level conversations that seek to locate and position Zimbabwe within the global discourse.  This year, the Game Changers Bay will offer a number of interesting sessions which will offer a much needed pause and reflection around what can be done to achieve inclusivity, reduce poverty and inequality. One panel will lead a discussion on Zimbabwe’s Informal Economy: Changing the terms for the conversation and engagement which is meant to define the sectors composition, nature, contribution, how it can be formalized without violence and how youths fit in the equation.

Another panel will speak on EU/Africa Relations-Skills for the Future, a topic that will unpack the capacity of Zimbabwe to provide an internationally competent workforce in the backdrop of various economic challenges that have left the education sector critically under-resourced. The session will also analyse the suitability of the new curriculum in molding a generation that can effectively contribute to sustainable development locally and globally. It will also seek to justify the need to have a

The one on one conversation with Dr. Tawanda Mutasah on Challenging Power is not to be missed. This will among other areas reflect on the notions of society power as embedded in patriarchy, religion or the church and human interaction.

The Inspiration Bay

Artists standing in front of their work

Artists standing in front of their work

Attending theSpace without visiting the Inspiration Bay would be like flying to Italy and not visiting Venice. The inspiration bay will give cartoonists space to show their artistic prowess through cartoons which depict notions of “Challenging power” in various sectors. At least 30 cartoonists will contest during this year’s edition and prizes include gadgets such as tablets and cash.

Exhibition Bay

Embassy of the United States of America sharing information with attendees

Embassy of the United States of America sharing information with attendees

Do you know the function and role of an Embassy or Diplomatic Missions? Here participants will be treated to a wide range of services provided by Embassies and Missions with diplomatic relations with Zimbabwe.  Embassies provide much needed information on a range of opportunities including education, business and cultural exchange programs. Youths who wish to shop for scholarships and self-funded enrolment in universities across the globe need to pass through this bay. Preceding editions have seen more than 6 000 students visiting this bay and more are expected to attend this year. Edrovale High school, Tynwald High and Harare international school are among the schools that have booked a place at theSpace 2017’s Exhibition Bay.

Networking Bay

Figure 4 Networking in the Garden

Networking in the Garden

Figure 5 Indonesians Preform in the Networking Bay

Indonesians Preform in the Networking Bay

The Networking Bay allows for ordinary citizens to network with decision makers, friends and strangers on a range of issues dear to them. The Harare Gardens offers this peace of mind amidst the bubbling environment during the day.

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