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Newsletter: SDG’s In Zimbabwe – A special Youth Training of Trainers Newsletter

Young in Zimbabwe people are where the new 60%frontier of the population of hope in Africa is an ex particularly cited and ambitious youth. Speaking with 120 youth leaders at the first of its kind, training of trainers on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the UN Resident Coordinator, Bishow Parajuli, implored Zimbabwe’s youth to take a leading role in defining the future they want,

“The youths need to figure out what they can do in their
communities in line with SDGs,” said Bishow Parajuli.

The SDGs offer a unique starting point for the youth to play an active role in building sustainable solutions to current challenges in their communities, reducing inequality, poverty and internal conflicts. By challenging their perceived limitations and barriers, the youth’s bulge and energy can be harnessed,

“Challenge yourselves as youths to take
initiative in transforming society,” Bishow.

Bishow further urged Zimbabwe’s youth to be involved in every process that shapes their future. To use the available tools that help capture the voice of young people including Social Media. He cited the rise of Social Media movements and their impact on community growth and youth participation. He encouraged the use of these social tools for inclusion to ensure that “No one is left behind”.




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